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Get your piece of $700M pie that is available to you over the next four years through New York and other state incentive programs.

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ZENO Energy Experts have the relationships, credentials and knowhow to harvest power utility incentives for you (ie., NYSERDA disbursement, utility rebates, tax incentives, etc.).

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    EV Incentive Programs

    Given the wide range of options and excitement surrounding electric vehicles; you might benefit infinitely (literally) from a short conversation with an energy expert. ZENO Controls has been through the processes and is versed in the requirements; so we welcome you to pick our team’s collective brain :).

    NYSERDA Incentive Contribution

    NYSERDA Charge Ready NY provides a rebate of $4,000 per port. They will rebate up to 20 ports per year, per location. This rebate is available for most Level 2 stations. DC fast charge stations are not included.

    Utility Incentives

    NY EV Make Ready Program initiated by the Public Service Commission includes every major electric utility in the state and aims to spend more than $700M over the next 4 years. Utilities will cover up to 100% of the electric make ready cost for Level 2 and or DC fast charge stations.

    TAX Credits

    US Federal Tax Credit gives your business a tax credit of 30% of the total cost of purchasing and installing an Electric Vehicle charging station. Maximum credit per address is $30,000.

    EV Station Installation Expertise

    The electric vehicle market is booming and the technology is moving fast; however, there are significant hurdles to clear. ZENO will keep you on top of every stage of the process.

    Site Analysis

    How much will it cost? What are the regulations? What are the incentives?

    If you are considering an implementation; ZENO is happy to provide you a snapshot of the costs versus the benefits in front of you.

    Incentive Harvesting

    By taking advantage of New York’s incentive programs and streamlining processes; you can drastically reduce the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations. By utilizing all three bullet points above, you can get ahead of the curve and prepare for the future of electric vehicles, with a very low cost in doing so.

    System Integration

    ZENO Energy Experts are glad to assist at every stage of the process.

    (Project Management, System Planning, Hardware Selection, Regulations / System Requirements, Installation & Maintenance)