HVAC & UVC Lighting Upgrades

Sentient Buildings

Combine sensors and controls to
reduce energy consumption and increase savings.


The benefits of upgrading to a
state-of-the art (& economical) ventilation system range from tenant comfort and energy savings to Covid-19 protection.

HVAC - UV Symbol

UVC Lighting
for Air Quality

A major component to the sanitation of the air we breathe can be as simple as implementing a simple air quality strategy enhanced by UVC lighting.

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    HVAC Control

    ZENO has the in-house expertise to support every aspect of your building’s energy savings.


    Site surveying, payback analysis and rebate exploration

    System Planning

    Wireless range testing, system planning, energy monitoring, etc.


    Pre-linking, pre-configuration, low voltage installation / line voltage installations, etc.

    Infinite Performance /
    On-going Support

    Industry-leading warranties, energy harvesting technologies, 20-year average life-expectancy of ZENO solutions, experienced support staff always on-hand

    UVC Lighting for Air Quality

    UVC lights for HVAC systems are used to combat airborne viruses, germs, mold spores, bacteria and fungi as they pass through the HVAC system. Research shows that UVC has the capacity to protect tenants from harmful particles – including COVID-19.